Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ribbed Coffee Cozy {Crochet Pattern}

We've established my love for coffee, but coffee is hot, yo! Here's my version of a hand, and earth, friendly coffee cozy.  It's quick and easy, and makes a great gift paired with a coffee card.

Ribbed Coffee Cozy 

Yarn: Cotton worsted (like Bernat Handicrafter) 
Hook: 5mm (H) 

Chain 13 
Row 1 - sc in back loop only, starting on second chain from hook and each stitch across, chain 1 and turn (12 sc)
Row 2 - sc in back loop only, starting on first sc of previous row for 11 st, then sc in both loops of the previous row, chain 1 and turn 
Row 3-30 - repeat row 2 (2 rows make one rib, you will end up with 15 ribs) 

Fold in half, slip stitch the two ends together, tie off and sew in ends. Turn inside out (so seam is on inside). 

You can use other yarn for this, but I find the cotton just works better as the shape stays together. If using an acrylic worsted, you may need to only do 28 rows total as they stretch more. 

You can totally embellish as you like, add buttons, a crocheted heart, even alternate colors!

You may share this pattern with a link back to, you can also do anything you wish with your finished creations. There are thousands of crochet patterns online, while I did create this one on my own, if you do find a duplicate pattern it is purely coincidental. I ask you do not copy my instructions, or pictures, and post as your own.

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