Sweet and Chunky Baby Afghan {Crochet Pattern}

I had the pleasure of making this for my friend Corrina's newest addition, Miss Alana.  If you're looking for an easy crochet baby afghan pattern that works up quick, and turns out lush and soft, then this is the pattern for you.

I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in "Pitter Patter", it is a super bulky yarn. I used a 9mm hook so the stitches were nice and plump without being too tight. The finished size works out to be 30" wide x 36" tall, however you can easily adjust this to your preferred size.

Sweet and Chunky Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Hook - 9mm
Yarn - Bernat Baby Blanket, this size took 1 and a half of the 300g balls

To begin - chain 61

Row 1 - sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across, you will have 60 sc.  Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2-6 - repeat row 1. At the end of row 6, you will chain 2 and turn.

Row 7 - dc in first sc from row 6 and in each sc across. Chain 1 and turn. Be sure you still have 60 st, because this wool is thick, it can be tricky on the last st of the row.

Repeat rows 1-7 6 more times for a total of 49 rows.  You will have 7 sections of 6 rows of sc and 1 row of dc.

Rows 50-56 - repeat row 1. At the end of row 56 do not chain 1, do an additional 2 sc in the last st to create a corner. You will now begin edging the afghan.  Do a sc in each sc row, with 2 sc in the post of the dc rows, in each corner you will do 3 sc. Once you finish the 3 remaining sides, tie off and weave in your tails.

- when starting the new ball, I dont tie off the old and then start the new. I just tie the end of the new ball to the end of the old and keep going, crocheting in the knot. When Im finished, I weave in the ends.
- to make this bigger / longer, you can do your beginning chain row as long as you like in an odd number. For length, just repeat rows 1-7 as you like, ending on a section of rows 1-6 + 1 row of sc (this is the edging for the top of the afghan).

I'd love your feedback on the pattern! If you find anything odd, or any corrections, please let me know so I can update the instructions.

You may share this pattern with a link back to mrsbrits.blogspot.ca, you can also do anything you wish with your finished creations. There are thousands of crochet patterns online, while I did create this one on my own, if you do find a duplicate pattern it is purely coincidental. I ask you do not copy my instructions, or pictures, and post as your own.

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