Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(Garage) Saling Away

I've always enjoyed a good garage sale. I'm not an avid saler, as in I dont have to go saling every weekend or get up at the crack of dawn to sale, but have always had a good time when I do venture out to scope out tables full of junk. Erm, treasures.

I've had a few good scores over the years, my best score EVER was this pair of genuine Tiffany & Co. earrings from a farm yard sale 3 summers ago. Im going to give you a minute to guess what I got them for.  

Ready?  I paid $3.50. Nope, not a spelling mistake. Three dollahs and fiddy cents. The sale had a ton of wedding items, I think the lady got them as a gift and had no idea of their worth. I was tres pleased.

This past weekend, the town I live in had it's first ever Parade of Garage Sales. There were close to 80 addresses, including some businesses downtown, that were trolling their junk, erm treasures.  The Brit and I aren't known to be early risers, but we did manage to get out about 10am and hit about 50% of the houses in 3 hours.  We didn't rush, nor could we with all the traffic! I don't think I've ever seen so many cars on the road in Strathmore.

Here are a few of my goodies:

2 old (dunno how old) glass canning jars, complete with glass sealers and beautifully patina'd screw tops (forgive my technical terms) for one whole buck.

I have a penchant for milk glass, you'll read about that soon, and picked up this lovely vase for another whole buck.

The best value of the day? This big pile of Tupperware. We came across a house where the lady used to be a Tupperware rep.  She was clearing out all her old demo's and had a few grab bags full of items for $10.00 each. I really grabbed this for the gravy shaker, but am over the moon with all that was stuffed in the bag.

It wasn't all about me either, The Brit picked up a couple of work lamps for his man cave / garage, and some fancy drill bit sharpener thing that he was quite thrilled to have found.

There's talk of another Parade of Sales in August, I sure hope so! How about you, are you a saler? What are your epic finds?

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  1. you and I need to make a date to garage sale together this summer. Except we'll have to fight over the milk glass!