Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How Not to Cool a Pie

A friend I met through Twitter, Leanne Shirtliffe, had a twitter party last week for her new book Don't Lick The Minivan.  I'd never fully participated in a twitter party before, so thought this would be a super fun one to jump in on. And I wasnt wrong, there were plenty of funny stories and laughs had by all.  One of her questions was "share a cooking fail".  And did I have a fail to share.  Of epic proportions.

I was a teenager, probably 16-17, and decided to make my very first pie. It was going to be a lemon meringue pie.  Id spent a few hours on it, made it all from scratch.  And it was perfect.  And the meringue didn't shrink.  Did I mention it was perfect?  My parents were quite proud, as was I, we could not wait to stuff it, I mean taste it.

I'm sure it was spring time because it was cool and dry out,so I thought why not put the pie out on the front step to cool off?  I could do some laundry in the mean time, and pie would be ready to dive into by the time my jeans were dry.

Out goes the pie on the step, in go my jeans in the dryer.  Ideally, this was a great idea.  Logistically, it was not.  I happened to place the pie directly under the dryer vent. 

When I went out to get my pie, I cried. There it was, all covered in lint.  I had linty pie.  All that hard work, and it was covered in blue lint.  Not only that, it was all melted too.  Smooshy and runny and I was so very, very sad. 

I was not about to give up on it, we put it in the fridge hoping it would firm up (which it didn't).  We scrapped off some of the lint, scooped it into bowls and tried to eat it.  Know what's worse than linty pie? Linty, Bounce flavoured, pie.  And this is why I don't make pie.

You also need to go check out Leanne's book ASAP.  First chapter had me snort laughing, complete with snot bubbles and belly laughs that woke up my husband last night when I was reading in bed. 


  1. That is an epic fail Erin. Linty Bounce-flavoured pie. I'm sorry I laughed so hard at your expense. Kind of. :-)

    1. I didnt laugh at the time, but I laugh now! Dumbest thing ever to do lol.

  2. You are hysterical. Really.

  3. Love it! Ditto Heather.

  4. I feel for you but I laugh with you too. So sad!

  5. I'm still laughing about this. One of the best cooking fail stories ever.

  6. That's such an awesome, terrible cooking story!