Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Found the BEST Crochet Slipper Pattern (on EyeLoveKnots)

There are many, many crochet slipper patterns out there, but I stumbled upon what now is my new FAVOURITE pattern on Pinterest.

It's the "Quick and Easy Slipper Socks" pattern from EyeLoveKnots. Not only is the pattern written with lots of tips and tricks, it comes in 9!!! women's sizes. That is so very helpful, I'm not good at sizing slippers, when I make them they are usually too small or too big.

 More reasons why I love the pattern:
- They have a straight seam. No more wonky angled seams going up the front of the slipper, or under the foot.
- The rows are the same for the foot and the heel of the slipper. I love that there isn't a difference in row appearance when you typically start going back and forth from rounds in other patterns.
- They really are quick and easy!

I made a pair of slippers for my husband, I used the women's size 12 pattern and added 4 more rows in the heel section for a total of 29 rows for his men's size 11 foot. They fit him perfectly.

I did make a mistake on my pair though - one has 15 rows in the foot and one has 14 by accident and didnt realize until I was done. Oops! Both have 29 rows total so you can't really tell when it's on the foot.  

Do yourself a favor and pin it today. You'll want to make these slippers.

WAIT! Just as I was adding the links into this post, I see there is a men's pattern in 13 sizes!

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