Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Comfy Crochet Hook Grips

Does your crochet hook hand ever get sore? Or does your hook bother your hand? I have the easiest, and super affordable, way to make your crochet hook way more comfortable to use. This trick will work with most metal hooks up to an N (9.00mm). These are a real hand saver, and I can't crochet without them now.

You're going to need:
- your crochet hooks
- masking tape that is 1.5 inches wide
- foam pencil grips (I purchased this box of 25 at the dollar store)

Take the tape and start wrapping around the hook, about half an inch or so from the end. Wrap a couple of times, tear off and see if you can snugly fit the grip over the tape. It shouldn't slide on easily or it will fall off. If it's loose, wrap another 2 times and try the grip again.  Once the grip is snug, you're done. So easy! Your hands will thank you.

Thanks to a question from Twitter - feel free to put your tape / grip anywhere on the handle that suits how you hold your hook. I hold mine more like a knife so prefer the grip at the end. You may like yours closer to the hook end if you hold yours like a pen.

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