Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip to Radium, BC

The Brit and I love a good road trip.  When we were purchasing a new car 2 years ago, aside from picking a good commuter for me, we wanted something dog friendly and the right size for road trips. That's how we ended up with Pearl, our Kia Rondo.

This year we had plans to drive out to the Sunshine Coast this past June with my parents, unfortunately that was cancelled due to my mom's health. We'd also booked a week off in August to plan a road trip, but that was also cancelled due to The Brit's new job, he wasn't able to keep the same vacation time.  

With summers so short in Alberta we needed a quick get away and planned a last minute trip to Radium, BC. We went just for the weekend, it is a really pretty drive through the mountains, and only about 3 hours from Calgary (just about 4 hours from us).  We found a quaint little motel, Crystal Springs (also the highest rated on Trip Advisor), the room was quite nice! They served Kicking Horse Coffee and fresh homemade muffins every morning, and had a lovely patio to enjoy them in the sunshine.  Radium is most noted for its Hot Springs, however it was over 30 degrees when we were there and that was too hot for me to sit in a hot pool. Im a bit of a delicate flower, ya know. 

Here are some sights from the weekend:

 Mountain views on the drive up.

An Inukshuk standing above Lake Windermere, in Invermere.

Nothing like a Jelly Belly bar at the Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe in Radium. 

Had a wonderful traditional Austrian meal at the Black Forest, just outside of Invermere.

Time for a selfie in front of Toby Creek on the road to Panorama ski hill.

A visit to Kicking Horse Cafe, for some fresh ground coffee and a new mug to take home.

A cheeky big horn sheep, basking in the sun.

The view driving east out of Radium.

Fire weed growing at the base of a burned out forest.

It was a great getaway and we're considering a week there next summer.

Disclosure - this was not a paid or promoted post, Im just sharing links to things I love and places I visited on my own. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the pic with the fireweed. We passed a burned out forrest mountaintop on the way back from Whitefish. It looked like a porcupine.