Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waterton Adventure

Going to warn you now, it's a long read.  We're iPhone photographers, so the post has lots of pictures too!

Last Thursday, the lovely Merry, gave me the opportunity to guest blog for her at Merry With Children while she was at BlogHer.  I wrote about Uncharted Territory, as it was my first guest blogging experience and my husband and I were planning a day trip to a part of Alberta we have never been.  And yesterday, we took that day trip to Waterton Lakes National Park.

It was AMAZING!  We live about 35 minutes east of Calgary, and Waterton is south west of the city.  After heading west, we took Alberta's Cowboy Trail south.  That drive in itself is beautiful, I've driven it before but it was a first for The Brit.

A MUST stop is in Longview for the world's best beef jerky. So delish, we picked up some teriayki flavor to munch on during the drive.

The drive was beautiful, even saw some real life cowboys doing their cowboy thing.

Before we got to Waterton, we saw a Buffalo Paddock.  It was a preserved area you could drive through to see them in their "natural" habitat.  We entered the paddock ....

And drove and drove ....

And drove some more ... (check out that storm in the distance!)

Until ..... TATONKA!  

Next up was Red Rock Parkway, to take us to Red Rock Canyon.  

After seeing the canyon, it was time for lunch.  We settled on a picnic table just off the parkway and were about to eat when a car drove past and the driver yelled out - "a black bear just crossed the road behind you.  You should be fine, tough".  HA!  I threw everything back in the cooler PDQ and headed to the car.  Here is where we had lunch.  In the safety of the Rondo.

Heading back from the canyon to go see the Prince of Wales hotel and the Waterton Villiage ... look who we drove up on.  Now, I can't say this is the same bear .... but makes a good story if it was!


We did not get out of the car, my phone camera was on zoom and I clicked quickly.  He was just meandering without a care in the world.

And off to the bushes he went.

Finally at the hotel, here's a couple of hipstamatics of the crest above the entrance door and the grand light fixture in the foyer.   None of the pics I took were remotely close to those you can find on Google, the hotel is certainly quite the site to see.  We even pondered staying there the night even though we hadn't packed a thing.  They were full, whew.  It's not inexpensive!

It had just started to rain while we were at the hotel, so couldn't wander for better pictures.

My sun roof, turned into a rain roof.

That's the hotel from the other side of the lake, through the rain.

The village itself was lovely too, I'm not sure what I was expecting but I was quite surprised.  It was VERY busy, all the restaurants and shops were full of people.  Every hotel / motel was booked solid too.  I also noticed that Alberta license plates were in the minority,  was cool to see how many people were there from other places in the USA and Canada.

Was a wonderful day!  On the way home The Brit even asked me "where are we going on our next adventure?"  We're not sure, but already looking forward to it.  Have Rondo, will travel!

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